Released: March, 1993

Label: Conversion Records

Lyrics by: Mike Barber
 i have been
 to many places
 and oh i've seen
 so many faces
 but i've never seen one
 quite as beautiful as yours
 i have been to many places
 and i've been in many situations
 but i've never been in one
 quite as deep as this before
 i never meant to make you smile
 i didn't mean to look your way
 i never meant to do anything to you
 now you seem to think i care
 but i don't need you in my life
 it's time for me to turn and walk away
 i never meant to look at you
 i didn't mean to lead you on
 but you think you owe me something in return
 i'll just leave good enough alone
 and try to ignore your little show
 and let someone else fall victim to you