Not Insane

Released: March, 1993

Label: Conversion Records

Lyrics by: Mike Barber
 i v needles from my feet to my head
 they claim that i'm a psychopath and better off dead
 the drug begins to take effect the doctors have their fun
 my mind goes weak as my body goes numb
 bright lights cover me as i lay on the bed
 they're probing my extremities my arms are wingspread
 they claim that i'm crazy
 they claim that i'm insane
 so they decide the cure, is shock treatment and pain
 i'm not insane, i'm not insane
 i'm not even close to being in vain
 i'm not insane , i'm not insane
 why must you insist on all of this pain
 i begin to quiver as they engage the saw
 my skull feels the pressure as they begin to maul
 suddenly a shower of bloody flesh and bones
 covers the sheets now, i'm all alone
 as i awake i reach to feel my hair
 now i realize it was another nightmare
 as for my state of mind, i cannot distinct
 between these wicked dreams and the blood in the sink