I Lost You
Released: March, 1993

Label: Conversion Records

Lyrics by: Mike Barber
 when i left
 i never thought i'd need you again
 but now i've found
 that i've committed a mortal sin
 we glided apart
 knowing that it had to be done
 only wishing
 that we could of had some fun
 i lost you
 but i see you
 and i know that
 know that i can't have you
 when you left
 you thought you'd never need me again
 but now you've found
 that you've committed a mortal sin
 you make me feel
 disgustingly ill deep down inside
 now we agree
 that we've had enough of this ill faded ride
 we glided apart
 knowing that this has to be done
 we've given up wishing
 that we could of had some fun