Released: January, 1995

Label: Conversion Records

Lyrics by: Mike Barber
 i see it everyday
 it's in the words you say
 but i don't seem to understand
 that you don't need me here
 with you now anymore
 to be your one and only man
 but then you act like you
 you want to have sex with me
 you're sending really fucked up vibes
 so there's one thing to do
 ignore your every move
 and enjoy the time i have between your thighs
 you don't think
 that i really care
 so i wont push the fact your mind is bare
 as long as i
 can sleep with you
 i will do my best to ignore the truth
 when you are close to me
 all of your fucked up lies
 they tend to be tossed right off the bed
 i'll take advantage of
 you being here with me
 since all you want to do is give me head